Saturday, May 21, 2016

Moving on

I have decided I will be deleting my google account and I do not know if my blogs will still be visible or not. Life is getting very busy and I have not been posting anyway. So this post is goodbye. I will leave you with some fun awkward+awesomes from work... 😉 because everyone knows they get that much more fun the more you do...


1 having a coworker come through drivethru and trying to be a smart aleck by using the same line he teases you with and tongue-twisting yourself which always makes you nervous... Results.. You end up looking like you're massively crushing when you in fact are not.

2 thinking an older man was reaching out to shake your hand and touching his hand to shake it as he asks for jelly.... Yah...

3 not being able to say "I have a premium grilled sweet chili wrap" because the screen shows "Prm W Grl/SC" ... He orders it every morning and I have to pause before I say it

4 spilling burning hot hot chocolate all over your manager's hand. Need I say more?

5 three air force guys coming through asking how far to Charlotte (had to clock in by 6 and it was toward 5) and which highway to take.  I think they ended up in Raleigh.


1 meeting a classmate online who wants to be a missionary whose brother your brother knows

2 having a job

3 sister graduating college

4 sisters coming home

5 graduating soon

6 having military personnel in full fatigues come through drivethru!! #goarmy

So friends I bid you adieu.

God's blessings to you all. Your continued prayers for me are very appreciated. I need them more than ever as I navigate new waters.

My love,