Monday, June 29, 2015

Prayer Date

Hey, people! That time again. For those who are new to following me, I periodically arrange prayer dates to pray for the persecuted church. It's not big, and we don't actually meet together, but we pray together at the same time. Sometimes, it's the little groups of people, the people who really are in earnest about what they're praying for, that make all the difference.

That being said, I want to arrange a prayer date for us to pray again. Due to having company this weekend, it can't really be this weekend. Can we make it next Tuesday? Let's say around eight o'clock again? That would be July 6th, at 8:00  pm EST. I hope you can join us in spirit! Praise God He hears us as a group even when we are far away!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Awkward + Awesome

It's that time again. Even with no youth group! :O Imagine that!


1. My baby goat putting her muzzle up just as I say, "kisses" to her and pursed my lips. Yup, I got kissed by a goat!

2. My other baby goat refusing to put his muzzle up like he always does when I say "kisses" due to being in a bad humour with me for taking him back to his pen... very awkward to have a goat diss you.

Awesome: (this is very hard hahaha)

1. Successfully keeping house :D

2. Free time :D

Well there ya go :D Don't forget to give a title for the poem in my last post! I need help! hahaha

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Did I mention I also pride myself on writing poetry? No I don't pride myself... I just enjoy doing it! Here's a little sample that I never gave a name. Comment below and suggest names! :D

The baby cries, and dear old dad,
opens his eyes just a tiny tad.
He sees sweet mommy,
lift the tiny tot.
His mind is in a foggy,
incoherent spot.
"Let me hold her, just this once.
I'm certain that I,
can perform the stunt."
Mommy is tired,
and that he surely knows,
or he never would aspire,
to calm the baby's throws.
When finally the baby sleeps,
to the nursery daddy silently creeps.
He looks quietly in,
on dreaming, precious dolls.
O to give them each their whim-
puppies, ponies, castle walls!
But such a thought is just a dream,
Daddy's not as strong as he seems.
Tiredly back to bed,
his weary feet do go.
Mommy kisses his swimming head.
"You're our castle, dear,
I'm certain you already know!"

Let me know how you liked it and if you want, give me a title for a new poem and I'll see about writing it! :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I've been writing a lot! I have a book I'm writing at the moment, set in the early 1900's. It's about a girl and her brother and her brother's bestfriend who's had a breakdown and come out to the country to stay with them over winter break. (Sorry that's the best I can do at giving a basic plot without telling you the whole story :P )

Other than that, I've been sewing some (1700's stays) and doing yet more school.... Arcsin anyone? How about simple squamous epithelium? :D Perhaps chondrocytes? hehehe Anyway, that's what I'm doing right now!

I don't think I have much material for an awkward + awesome. there wasn't any youth group this week! haha

I currently really want to make an 1910's gown... like REALLY want to make one. However, I don't feel like going to the trouble of making a 1910's corset... *cough* So... perhaps I'll just forget about it.. or dream about it or just.. yeah.

That's what's up folks! Hope you had fun reading my little doings :)

Friday, June 12, 2015


A few Sundays ago, one of my youth leaders did a very good talk on purity. It was spot on. He pointed out quite a few texts, among which was Paul's instructions to Timothy about how to speak to different people. "Treat older women as mothers, younger women as sisters with all purity." It goes in reverse, too. Pretty much what that passage seemed to say when put in that context was, "If you wouldn't do it to your sister, don't do it to your girlfriend. If you wouldn't do it to your brother, don't do it to your boyfriend."

He also said, personally, that we should keep ourselves as pure as possible. He said that once you're married, you'll wish you had kept yourself even purer than you had. It all made perfect sense. It was a really good talk and not awkward at all (despite sitting between two boys the entire time!) Time and again in the Bible, it says to be pure, to flee youthful lusts.

To my mind, the talk made wonderful sense! I think it was wonderfully put and I know I'm not doing it justice at all. Coming from him, it was said perfectly and I was very happy with it! I think I have the best youth leaders (and ex youth leaders) a teen ever had!


Monday, June 8, 2015

What Goes On

So we've officially breaked for Summer, but I am still currently working on schoolwork. Because, if I stop for the whole summer, I end up forgetting everything, and besides, there's nothing to do sometimes so it's nice to keep going! I officially like studying :D

I'm also working on some things, finishing closing the porch in, painted my bedroom set the prettiest colour (hopefully pictures coming soon!), redecorated it, dug fence post holes few weeks ago, taking care of goats... yup! Little bit of music going on, but not much. That needs to change!

So, and Awkward + Awesome, because I love those! (And I'm just a really awkwardly awesome person, you know?)


1. Looking into the Chapel at church (with your face painted blue) and seeing your Senior Pastor's wife sitting inside with a group of ladies... yeeeeeeeeeah

2. Your voice cracking trying to hit a high note while singing at church, and just- stopping. No way I'm going to try that again.

3. Trying to scoot across a floor on a bathroom rug faster than another kid (my youth leaders love making us embarrassed and putting us on the spot)

4. Shaking around with a tissue box filled with ping pong balls tied to your back... Very awkward. (Thanks youth leaders! It was awesome! haha)


1. Happening to bake the same flavour pie that all the people you know love. Awesomeness.

2. Winning the tissue box game for my team. That was awesome!

3. Friends graduating! EEEP! I'm left behind! NOOOO! lol

4. Hanging with friends... virtually and in person! :D

There you go! Now you know a little of what I've been up to.. peeking into rooms with a blue face... shaking around all over the place to get ping-pong balls out of a tissue box... baking pies... Yeah! Awesome!