Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hating God

"If we hate what is in our lives, we hate God's will, which in turn is hating God"

I was writing part of a story and was making an important dialogue between two characters and this just came out. Then it struck me how true it was. We can't hate what's in our lives without hating God. God directs our lives. He directs what occurs. He directs it all. If we hate what is in our lives, then we hate God's will which is hating Him. It's quite a wake up for me...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Books and Awkward+Awesome

I've been reading a real real lot lately! Let's see... I have read, Secret Believers, The Calling, Tramp for the Lord, and The Hiding Place for "Christian books". I've also read two books by G.A. Henty (look him up if you're looking for interesting history books) At the Point of the Bayonet, and For the Temple. Both of those are really good. As a matter of fact, it was the second time I read the former and third or fourth I've read the latter.

Then I've been reading random various books from the late 1800's early 1900's.

Alrighty... that epic time in my posts! Awkard+Awesome!


1. Sitting in a bus on the way home from camp and finally deciding to read your shirt everybody signed and finding a random guy wrote "I love you" on it........... Yeaaaaah.. thanks for not signing your name, bro.

2. Not being able to tell when people are kidding..... gets difficult


1. Camp was awesome!

2. School starting soon! YAY!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Whats been up

Hey hey! What's going down eh? I've been at camp all last week which was totally cool. It's called CampEXP and usually three or four churches go to it. It's awesome!

So... where should I begin? How about beginning with how much fun I had meeting some new people. The sessions were totally awesome. Mostly we focused on getting rid of titles people have given us. I've got some really good quotes from this week if y'all are ready for 'em.  I'll give a brief recap of each session and include the quotes.

Alright so the first night was Monday and we had Cruvine Brewington as our speaker. He gave us his testimony and gave us some good advice as well as thought provoking questions. He said that "All that God has called you to do, He has equipped you to do." He also reminded us not to let the things that did not create us, define us. His talk was really good. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who gave which testimony because they were all very similar. Pretty much they grew up in the bad part of town and spent some time in prison for various crimes. I can't remember which one goes with who!

Tuesday morning was Joe Adams. Pretty sure he didn't give a testimony. He spoke about relationships and reminded us that God should be our number one relationship. He spoke about giving of yourself in relationships and making sure you find your worth in God not people.

Tuesday night was Kendrick Vinar who is the senior pastor at Grace Church Chapel Hill. He spoke about forgiveness. He told us that you have to own your role in your negative history or you'll always be blaming other people and carrying that with you through life. He said "You make peace with your past when you own your own piece."

Wednesday morning was Dornell Tayleor. He gave us his testimony and and said, "God chooses what you go through, but you choose how you go through it." It was a really good reminder.

Wednesday night I didn't catch the guy's name but he spoke about how God is bigger than our failures and wants us for Himself. It was a good talk.

Thursday morning was Heath Caddell. He said that "Life is a long road with small steps." And told us not to keep asking God to give us more of Himself when He's clearly told us to do something because really, if God's told us to do something, then He's going to give us the things we need as we need them. It was a good message.

Thursday night was about the Holy Spirit. I lost my notes from then cause... *cough* well... let's say some guys are not careful when they sign your notebook and end up ripping a page out and then you carefully put it down and end up stepping on it with your wet shoes and... yes.

Friday morning was by Jay Koopman (the same guy that spoke Thursday night) and it was about....not living Christianity through emotions.

So I met a lot of people, had fun kidding them.. swimming... splashing... word battles... lol

I have a decent amount of stuff for awkward+awesomes in the future! haha

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Long Silence + Awkward+Awesome

Yes, it has been almost a month! I'm sorry, but I was taking a break from electronics. I'm back now, though, and I hope to give regular updates!

So, tomorrow morning, I will be heading to summer camp (confetti and cheers please?)! Last year's was awesome and I'm really looking forward to this year's! I hope it's even better than last! Prayers for safety for me and my youth group would be appreciated! Also, prayers that God would move in our hearts this week. It's such an awesome opportunity that our church and our parents are giving us! I really want it to help us spiritually and I know it can!

Real quick I'll do an awkward+awesome!


1. the picture your brother shows to everyone in youth group (youth leaders and pastors included, not to mention the intern who came along for fun) of you looking like you just threw up or died on your very first roller coaster. Please congratulate me, it was the Intimidator. First and last roller coaster ride ever.

2. A friend's baby's diaper falling off and you having to carry the baby back to its mom... yeah.... at least it was clean!


1. Having said baby like playing with you finally!

2. Worship meetings! THEY ARE SO AWESOME!

Well, there you have it! I'll be back with more details soon! I'll try to write a devotional soon! I've been spending so much more time reading and praying while I've been off electronics! It's so awesome! I think I'll take weeks off at a time more often! ;)