Hey there! I'm Ruth, a seventeen year old Christian girl who is "pressing on" to receive the Eternal Prize of Jesus! I've had quite a few blogs already, but as I'm feeling my way into what I'm actually trying to do with my blogs, I'm getting everything organized. Hence, "I Press On". This is my new blog which will be kind of a diary of things that happen (I'll try to share fun stories!) and devotional notes that I make about things I'm learning.

This blog is probably going to be most enjoyed by girls. However, if you're a guy that loves funny stories and random notes about the random life of some random girl, you might have fun, too! If you're a girl with brothers and you like a post and think they'd enjoy it, too, feel free to share with them! If you're a guy that happened to stumble across my blog (I'm not pretending to know how! lol) do share it with your sister!

So to give you a basic rundown on me...

I am a born-again Christian. Or non-denominational. I believe that there should be unity in the Church, not split up into who believes what. I also believe the Bible backs this view up. (Please feel free to read 1Corinthians 3:3-13)

I believe in the Bible as the ultimate, authoritative Word of God. So I accept all the truths laid out in the Bible.

Pretty much that sums up my views since I believe everything in the Bible and I try to base all of my beliefs on specific statements in the Bible.

For a little testimony.. I don't really have a "Wow! COOL! God brought her out of that!" testimony. It's more of a.. "Wow! Look what God has kept OUT of her life!" kind. Which I happen to be very pleased about!

Pretty much, I've grown up believing the Bible to be true. My parents were saved before any of us kids (ten of us) were born. We grew up hearing the Bible and being told it is true. I always accepted it as actual factual until I was about thirteen. Then I went through this period of.. well how do I know the Bible is real? How do I know it wasn't fabricated? Honestly, I can't positively prove the Bible is real to anyone. I'm not a theologian or a historian. But I know God is real. He's proven it to me in some wonderful ways.

It seems this year has been a huge growth year for me. I've been coming across situations that, to be quite honest, I never dreamed would come up. I've had a lot of hurt but I've also had a lot of joy. God's teaching me His way of forgiveness very thoroughly this year. I don't pretend to have it right yet, but I certainly know I'm being taught. God has proven His mercy and His love to me through all these situations.

Other than that, just a sense of knowing, within myself, that God is real. He comforts me, He loves me, He guides me, He holds my life in His hands. I know He does, even when I try to run away.

I'm constantly learning more about the Bible and about my own faith. I don't have many close friends in my hometown.. most are long distance. This blog is sort of a way to share my walk with all my long distance pals! I'm not very good at "Christianese" as it's called. I'm more down to earth and say things as I see them. I can be extremely blunt, but know that it's all in love! And I do try to keep from being too blunt when I blog!

Some passions of mine include music, reading, veterans, and missions.

That all being said, I hope you enjoy my blog. If you see anything amiss, please do point it out to me along with a Scriptural reference so I can analyze it! I love Bible studies!



  1. I love this Ruth! I didn't know that you had this blog, I love it though!

    1. Yes, I don't remember when I started it! It branched off of an old one, though :)

      Glad you like it!