Saturday, January 9, 2016

There is No Fear: Awkward+Awesome

"There is no fear in love"

Have you ever been afraid that when the time comes, you won't have the strength? That maybe you'll crack under pressure? That maybe fear will get the better of you, or that you'll make a stupid decision that will mess everything up? That you might give in to peer pressure and ruin things?

I think we all do. But, really, if we draw near to God, and conscientiously live as He wants us to, and has told us to, we'll be fine. God promises us to be our strength.

With God there is nothing we can't do inside of His will. What is God's will? you might ask. To serve Him faithfully, all the days of our lives. To show His love to everyone. To witness of His great salvation.

By this people will know that we love God and follow Him, by our love for one another. Let's remember to love God first, and then those around us, and then ourselves, because THAT is God's Will.

So.. on a lighter note, we have the Awkward+Awesome game to play! Yippee! here goes.


1. Having multiple siblings compliment a pajama shirt... one that you weren't that crazy about....

2. Dropping off a gift and Christmas cards at a friend's house, knocking, and running back to your car and leaving before anybody could possibly come to the door.

3. Posting pictures of yourself on a blog post that really does not need pictures but you were looking through your pictures and realized no one had ever seen these (that you can recollect) and so you decide to use them though they're really not needed. At. All!

4. Taking a selfie with your cousin and sist


1. Waking up at 6:40 am during vacation and finishing Fiddler on the Roof with your sister.... I like that musical! First time I ever watched it, too!

2. Being accepted to the same college as a friend. It's always fun to wonder if you'll see them, right?

3. Intercepting a piece of candy that was tossed, so perfectly, that you surprise even yourself. Like, it was practically in their hand and I still somehow got it!!

4. Cousins, and siblings, and parents, and an exciting future to look forward to and of course, best of all, a God that will stick with me to the end!

Do you have any awkward+awesomes to share? I'd love to read them in the comments!

Have a great 2016!

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